Welcome to the Sarnia-Lambton Linux Users Group - SLLUG

This group is dedicated to the proliferation and advocacy of open source software in the Sarnia-Lambton area. We meet monthly to discuss and learn about Linux and other Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS).

The GNU/Linux system is an alternative operating system for multiple hardware platforms that has been licensed under a series of permissive open source software licenses. These licenses allow users to collaborate together openly to build a better system.

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Several members have asked, “How can I help out?”

We accept donations of time, money, and equipment. If you would like to share funds please make arrangements with Len Payne (len.payne@sllug.ca).


Ongoing meetings will be held on the Third Monday of the month (eg- Aug 20th, 2018).

Since re-opening post-pandemic, SLLUG has been meeting at 7:30pm on the Third Monday at Two Amigos in Sarnia at 914 Murphy Road.

Since the start of 2018, we hold monthly topical events, with a mix of discussion on a specific FLOSS topic, and a mix of non-specific networking and camaraderie.

Meetings are free to attend for all time, for all participants. Interested participants of all skill levels are encouraged to attend. We ask that attendees under the age of 13 bring along an interested adult.

We use the Sarnia Tech Community’s Slack instance to communicate outside of meetings, and have had a few interesting conversations.

Meetings Archive

See more past meetings in the meetings archives:


Quarterly, we will have “InstallFest” events. At these events, experienced users will guide newcomers through the installation process on a BYOD (bring your own device) basis, or using donated hardware as available. Installation options may include: Windows 10 bash, virtual machines, dual-boot, cloud server installs, open source hardware installs (ie- Raspberry Pi) and others.

Other advocacy events will be scheduled sporadically throughout the year, including but not limited to:

Friends and Family

SLLUG is a friend and follower of the Sarnia Tech Community. Go check out the Sarnia Tech Community on Facebook or join them on Slack by signing up to be a Sarnia Tech Community member.


The SLLUG can be reached by contacting Len Payne through Twitter, or E-Mail.

We are also currently occupying #sllug on the Sarnia Tech Slack if you’d like to chat.

Check out our Members Page to reach out to learn about other members and find ways to reach them.